The only device in the world for the accurate generation of any visual stimuli evoking SSVEP potentials.


Blinker is a one-of-a-kind device generating high-accuracy, high-frequency stimuli to BCIs based on the SSVEP paradigm. SSVEPs are steady-state visual evoked potentials which appear in EEG when the user focuses on a visual stimulus flashing at a constant frequency. The user sees a variety of elements on the screen, selectable by concentrating on a particular element. This leads to an EEG power increase at the frequency corresponding to that element.

Blinker by BrainTech allows for highlighting each of 320 segments of a 15-inch screen independently with various frequencies. This opens unprecedented opportunities for analysis on which part of the screen (movie, picture, ad…) the user is concentrating her/his attention—as opposed to gazing – at the moment. Blinker is delivered with software for designing experiments (PsychoPy).




  • 15.6 inch LCD screen
  • LED-backlit screen, 1920 diodes in 320 independent segments
  • Possibility to configure any segments into a single controllable “field”
  • Possibility to configure any field in terms of:
    • brightness
    • brightness buffer
    • buffer playback frequency (ranged from 0.1 Hz to 60 Hz with the accuracy of up to 0.1 Hz)
    • phase shift
  • Possibility to turn on/off and change parameters of any field in real-time
  • Micro-controller updates the condition and brightness of any field with a maximum frequency of 10 kHz (every 100 μs)
  • Time from a request to response less than 500 μs
  • Device global brightness controlled with buttons or relevant instructions
  • Galvanically isolated connector for a generation of the synchronized analogue signal:
    • +5 V, -5 V, GND, +SIG inputs;
    • SIG output sends a signal synchronized with the equipment operation as configured via USB
  • Image displayed on the screen via HDMI

Blinker will allow you to conduct previously unattainable experiments and research using the precise presentation of visual stimuli.

Blinker is available from

13 250 € gross

11 049 €*

* the discount is valid until 31.12.2020


  • SSVEP-based brain-computer interface design
  • research on various aspects of visual attention

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