Signal Viewer, Analyzer and Recorder On GPL

SVAROG is the best bioelectrical signal viewer in the FOSS world, developed by BrainTech since 2012 on the basis of the university project titled SignalML – a metalanguage for data and tag description.

As one of the EEG solutions offered by BrainTech, SVAROG makes it possible to record and view signals online using video EEG and tags. At this website, you can find an offline version of our software which allows for the following, among other things:

  • Averaging evoked potentials using tags
  • Creating filters and applying them to signals viewed
  • Displaying spectra for individual signal fragments
  • Tagging structures offline


Wavelet analysis (wavelet transform)

From wavelets to adaptive approximations: time-frequency parametrization of EEG P.J. Durka, BioMedical Engineering OnLine 2003, 2:1 (06 January 2003)

Matching Pursuit (MP)

Multivariate matching pursuit in optimal Gabor dictionaries: theory and software with interface for EEG/MEG via Svarog. R. Kuś, P.T. Różański and P.J. Durka. BioMedical Engineering OnLine 12:94, 2013

Directed Transfer Function DTF

Independent Component Analysis ICA

EEG profiles

Electroencephalographic profiles for differentiation of disorders of consciousness U. Malinowska, C. Chatelle, M-A Bruno, Q. Noirhomme, S. Laureys, P. Durka BioMedical Engineering OnLine 2013, 12:109, Oct 2013


Download SVAROG for Windows

SVAROG for MacOs

Download SVAROG for Ubuntu (18.04/20.04)

Download SVAROG crossplatform

Source files (MP implementation)

Script examples

Source files (SVAROG)