Research and experimental work

BrainTech offers comprehensive software for EEG recording and EEG/BCI experiments in terms of:

Traditional ERP experiments based on PsychoPy framework adaptation

BCI paradigms: visual, sensory and auditory potentials, motion imagination, SSVEP

Video EEG polysomnographic recording

EEG with tags displayed in SVAROG



One of the BrainTech software aspects that makes experimental research easier is BCI Control Panel designed based on decades of experience and mistakes made in scientific work, education and during demonstrations.

BCI Control Panel helps control core system parameters in real time: from signal quality and electrode impedance, through averaged evoked potentials obtained in runs performed so far, to high-level indicators of quality of BCI calibration and communication, including classifier decision separation, ROC fields and ITR.

It happens that a brain-computer interface “does not work”. Why? There might be plenty of reasons: from poorly contacting electrodes and other EEG signal disruptions, through misconfiguring system parameters, to lack of concentration or other reasons attributable to the user. Previously, their analysis required taking a closer look at signals after having them recorded. BCI Control Panel allows for monitoring parameters in real time, rendering it possible to e.g. stop/modify a calibration session or unsuccessful recording at the right moment.

BCI Control Panel demonstrated as part of the “European funds from behind the scenes”.

The material starts at 2:00 of the recording.