32-channel universal amplifier for measuring various biomedical signals, powered by USB-C


24 EEG signal outputs


7 independent bipolar channels for EMG, EEA and ECG recording


channel dedicated to GRS measurements


DB25 adapter -> Touch Proof (for connecting standard electrodes)


amplifier powered directly via USB

Additionally, we offer:


EEG headsets


electrodes for peripheral measurements (EMG, EEA, ECG) and other accessories


dedicated software for signal visualization, recording and analysis, as well as designing and conducting psychophysical experiments


Perun-32 Amplifier

  • Power supply and communication via USB
  • 24 unipolar channels via a DB25 connector for standard connection of a 10–20 system electrode cap
  • 7 bipolar channels available via standard touch-proof connectors for popular accessories
  • Additional Analog Ground channel
  • Sampling frequency: 500, 1000, 2000, 4000, 8000, 16,000 Hz
  • Digital input capable of synchronizing with external equipment
  • Time synchronization of the computer clock and the amplifier clock with an accuracy of up to 1ms
  • Dimensions: 185x125x33 mm
  • Weight: 400 g

The software

  • allows you to register and preview online signals and markers (Svarog Streamer)
  • allows access to source code and Python API for signal download and analysis
  • includes the BCI Demo P300 application – illustrating the operation of a simple brain-computer interface based on the P300 paradigm
  • enables the design and conduct of psychophysiological experiments in combination with video-EEG (optional – Svarog Lab)

Perun-32 Start kit accessories *

  • 2 EEG caps (S/M/L sizes)
  • 14 bipolar snap electrodes (7 pairs of electrodes + 1 spare)
    DB25  Touchproof connector (for connecting standard electrodes)
  • 1 GSR measurement kit
  • USB cable
  • carrying case

* possibility of modifying the set of accessories

With Perun-32 you get a universal, small-size amplifier with open software for professional, various measurements of biomedical signals at a very attractive price.

Podstawowy zestaw Perun-32 Start dostępny jest od

29 900 zł brutto

25 900 zł brutto*

* promocja obowiązuje do 31.12.2020


  • scientific research (psychology, neuropsychology, biology)
  • neuromarketing
  • didactics (student laboratories on psychophysiology, analysis of physiological signals, brain-computer interfaces)
  • design of assistive technologies and brain-computer-brain interfaces


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