A globally unique device that generates accurate high frequency stimuli to the brain-computer interfaces in the SSVEP paradigm:

  • 15.6 inch LCD Screen
  • The screen is illuminated by LEDS in a total number of 1920 pieces, divided into 320 independent segments.
  • possibility to configure any segments into bigger fields
  • possibility to configure each field’s:
    • brightness
    • brightness buffer
    • frequency
    • phase shift of each field
  • ability to enable/disable and change parameters of each field in real time
  • microcontroller updates the status and brightness of each field at a frequency of 5 kHz (every 200 μs)
  • the time from sending the command to the device response is less than 500 μs
  • Global brightness of the device controlled by the buttons or by the corresponding USB commands
  • The device has a galvanically isolated connector for generating a synchronized analog signal – the connector has inputs + 5V,-5V, GND, + SIG – The SIG output shows a signal synchronised with the operation of the device according to the configuration given by USB.
  • the image on the screen is displayed using the HDMI connector